Thursday, November 17, 2011

That heady feeling leading to total disaster

Rule 1. Trade small. Manage risk properly. When the risk increases, the faculties of the mind to assess greed and fear go down

US closing
GBP 1.5761
EUR 1.3464
AUD 0.9985
NZD 0.7578
CAD 1.0278
JPY 76.96
S&P 1210.08

Trade with the flow mate. Trend is your only friend.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Foreign Exchange Morning Update 18.01.2011

With yesterday being a US holiday, trade was mostly thin. Overnight, there was short covering of the EUR, and it is trading once again above 1.33 levels. Pound is looking strong, and my bullish views of the pounds have been reconfirmed. Today CPI release from UK is expected to be higher than forecast figure which will give ammunition to the BOE hawks and call for a rate rise.
Elsewhere, CAD interest rate decision today, with CAD trading an all time high (USD/CAD at 98.57), I favour a sell on CAD at these levels.
Also out is German ZEW economic sentiment that determines the sentiment of German institutional investors. ZEW is a leading indicator and a strong reading can lead to further short covering in the EUR from yesterday's levels.
Also out is TIC (Treasury International Capital) - data , where a higher number (USD positive) is expected.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Buffett and Gates

Was listening to the audio book - the Snowball - autobiography of Warren Buffet and the thought that came out listening of a talk between Buffet and Gates is that the thing in life which makes the most difference is "Focus" - indeed i have suffered from the lack of it ------- lived life like the meandering waters of a a river - is there some fu!kin method in this madness ?

Silly thoughts..

Jo sukh lena nanaka,
Buddhu ban ke jee !

The saying means that if you really have to live life in a bliss, dont appear too wise to the world !